Impande - 2021


The Impande Foundation contributes to giving children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds in the southern parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the northern parts of the Eastern Cape in South Africa opportunities to develop their abilities and talents

The Impande Foundation contributes to giving children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds in the southern parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the northern parts of the Eastern Cape in South Africa opportunities to develop their abilities and talents. We further develop kindergartens that lack proper buildings, water, trained adults and equipment to ensure the children's development. We have also supported schools and specialist institutions in these areas, which were hit very hard by the HIV / AIDS epidemic, and where unemployment, poverty and weak family structures still dominate the picture of society. Impande's philosophy is to create significant and lasting social change with limited resources. We do not run emergency aid, but support grassroots projects with local roots; hence the name Impande (Yotshani) which means grassroots in Zulu. Approximately 1000 grassroots projects aimed at children and young people have been registered within our defined focus area, and among these there is a great need for various types of support that lift children and young people out of fundamental care and stimulation failure. The work is financed through fundraising campaigns, business support, fund support and donations from individuals.

Sustainability and «Return of Investment»

Too many children in South Africa spend 8 hours of their day in corrugated iron sheds that either overheat in the sun or are icy cold when the wind blows through open windows and cracks between the corrugated iron sheets. Nothing happens here other than childcare, which is largely done voluntarily by an adult woman from the local community. With our funds raised, Impande can set up a solid building with sufficient space and security for the children and the adults. They have their own kitchen for cooking, and windows and doors that can be opened and closed. No matter of course for a kindergarten. Equally important is to provide clean water, which they very often lack access to. This is arranged by installing 5000-liter water tanks that collect rainwater throughout the year; clean enough to drink! Toilets are set up as well as mobile washing facilities. And here lies the sustainability gold; for when these things are done, we can help the kindergarten to be registered as a kindergarten with the South African Ministry of Education; which in turn then obliges to support financially. As soon as they are registered, the adults will be paid for their work and the children will receive food every day; at the expense of the state! In this way, Impande can lift each individual kindergarten up to a level where they continue to operate independently, but now also under a safe and dignified framework. In other words, an investment in Impande pays for itself many times over, as the state's support is maintained as long as the kindergarten is in operation! An incredibly good return on investment!


Impande's history is twofold, as we are a combination of two different initiatives, in Norway and South Africa, respectively. The Norwegian journey started when Rolf Olsen and Knut Engebu with families were on holiday in South Africa and were challenged to raise some money to build an orphanage for orphans. They took on this challenge, and the start of Impande Norway (formerly Gamalakhe Development Centers Support Association) was a fact. The approach to the development work was based on three factors; Training, accountability and development of attitudes / good habits.

In South Africa, the Impande Foundation (formerly Network Action Group or NAG) was established in 2000 by Nomkhosi Mdluli, a local woman in the Ugu district with a passion for facilitating social change in communities. Her vision of establishing Impande was driven by a need to create a platform for information sharing where local organizations could interact and discuss real issues affecting their communities. This became an appropriate platform for linking these organizations with various stakeholders, including the government, while building their capacity to manage and run community initiatives.

What has been done in the last five years: 7000 children have received a nutritious meal every day in the kindergarten 450 kindergarten employees annually undergo thorough training and courses 170 kindergarten departments have been built💰 NOK 8.6 million per year has been triggered by state support as a consequence of Impandes work to register kindergartens with the South African Ministry of Education What happened in 2021:

930 kindergartens are now in our network

420 kindergarten employees attended courses

71 new kindergartens were approved as a kindergarten in the South African state

28 kindergarten departments were built

900,000 meals were distributed to kindergarten children

18,000 children were given books and toys in their kindergarten

The way forward is fairly clear in front of us, but with constantly new obstacles. Floods, an eternal need for more funds as the network of kindergartens expands, political conflicts and very demanding infrastructure in rural areas make the work laborious; but perhaps all the more important! On our website you can read more about what is happening and what has been done - you also have the opportunity to give. Every contribution helps, and every penny counts!