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A unique idea - An exciting project at North Cape - An annual prize to destitute children.

Each year in June, The Children of the Earth Prize is awarded during a public ceremony at North Cape, Norway. The prize currently amounts to 150.000 Norwegian kroner (NOK), equal to about 15.500 euros or 17.500 US dollars. The prize is presented to an individual or a project which, over time, has demonstrated compassion and ability to help children that suffer somewhere in the world. Anyone may nominate candidates for this prize.

Each year, almost 280 000 people from all over the world travel to North Cape - the top of Europe. On the cliff overlooking the Arctic Ocean, they can observe the works of art that constitute The Children of the Earth monument. On a specific day in June, in the giant North Cape Hall blasted out in the rock beneath the monument, the annual Children of the Earth Prize is awarded for the benefit of destitute children somewhere in the world.

Barn av Jorden prizewinner for 2021- Impande


It was Simon Flem Devold, a well-known Norwegian writer and friend of children, who in 1987 suggested that North Cape, the prominent geographic and historic point of intersection between East and West, be used for something of positive, symbolic value far beyond the borders of Norway.

Why not, he thought, bring children from different nations and cultures together at North Cape and let them create a lasting expression of youthful understanding, cooperation and joy - uninhibited by national, racial, religious or political boundaries!

In June 1988, seven boys and girls from as many countries on several continents converged on the cliff to create reliefs of clay with motives reflecting their creativity and emotions. The youngsters who in this manner demonstrated the congenital desire of children everywhere to have a good time and be friendly toward each other, were Jasmine from Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, Rafael from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Ayumi from Kawasaki in Japan, Sithidej from Bangkok in Thailand, Gloria from Jesi in Italy, Anton from Murmansk in the (former) Soviet Union and Louise from New York City, USA. From the very beginning, they were called The Children of the Earth.



As of 2020, Children of the Earth Award has been handed out 32 times.


Million Norwegian kroner

A total of NOK 3.75 million has been donated to 30 individuals (23 women and 7 men) and seven organizations.

500 Children

On award ceremony

About 500 school children from Magerøya island in Finnmark county - where North Cape is located - participate in the award ceremony. 

Children of the Earth prizewinner 2020

Children of the Earth

A unique idea - An exciting project at North Cape - An annual prize to destitute children.

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